The best analysis & tools I've created on my path to Ramen Retirement, now shared with you!

Ramen Tools

Track, Plan & Compare

With a focus on reaching Ramen Retirement, having some information and tools to help plan for it is key. The highlight here is the Lifetime Earnings Calculator, which is a detailed projection of earnings, savings, and passive income over 30 years. 

Investment and Estate Planning

Whether thinking about how to save money, invest money, or give it away, we cover it here. Analysis, calculators and tools to help you make these important decisions.

Saving & Investment

Real Estate

Navigate the World of Real Estate

One of my favorite investments to reach Ramen Retirement is real estate. It is one of the best ways to generate Inflation Protected Passive Income (IPPI). There are a million ways to invest in real estate, and it can be a confusing world when you start out. These tools might help you focus and invest wisely.