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If you haven't already signed up for the Ramen Review, you can do so below. But that's not the only great resources for investment advice. Check out some of the other daily or semi-regular writers below.

A sampling of the Ramen Review:

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Syndicate Investment Platforms

If you're interested in signing up directly with some of the best commercial real estate platforms, you can check out the links below. CrowdStreet & RealCrowd act as a marketplace for commercial real estate deals, connecting you directly with the deal sponsors. RealtyMogul and RealtyShares act more like a syndicator in that they are marketing investments directly to you through investment entities they create. Both models have pros and cons, and each of these companies have pretty good deal flow.

Crowd DD is an online resource that brings together commercial real estate investors - kind of like Yelp for commercial real estate platforms, syndicators and sponsors. Check it out to find reviews of the different players in this space.

Turnkey Real Estate Providers

If you're interested in buying real estate directly, you might consider using a turnkey provider to start - if you work with the right ones they'll get you into a fully remodeled property, with a paying tenant and property management, at a reasonable price. It's a good place to start if you're considering embarking on this journey. Once you get your sea legs, you can venture out in the choppier waters of buying directly yourself. Below are Turnkey providers I've had good interactions with in the past - note I've only used Turnkey in Kansas City, so can't speak to other markets.

Also, if you want a broader view, check out where some other providers are referenced and reviewed.

Real estate investment resources

In addition to the amazing Tools I've created myself, here are some great resources I use when evaluating potential real estate deals

This site provides a zipcode level view into a number of relevant economics measure including:

  • Housing vacancy rates
  • Employment rate
  • Education levels
  • Poverty rate
  • Change in employment

All of these data points are useful when figuring out what kind of sub-market you're potentially investing in

Top financial Blogs & Resources

For those interested in checking out other content related to early retirement, and alternative investments, here are a few of the top blogs and resources I've followed over the years: