Having reached Ramen Retirement in my mid 30’s, I like to think I have something to say on the matter. I started my career armed with a degree in business (yea, I know, try not to hate). I spent years advising Fortune 500 CEOs on business strategy, worked in Private Equity buying and selling technology companies, lost a small fortune in the 2008 financial crisis, and eventually jumped into the ‘tech game’ as an operator just in time to catch the latest wave of innovation and speculative fervor.

Through it all I’ve asked and answered a ton of questions I wanted to know on how to create and capture wealth, invest for success, and free your time and energy so you can share your gift with the world. I hope the answers to these questions can help you along that journey too!

Unlike some financial commentators, I don’t prescribe to or recommend an ascetic lifestyle of moderation and restraint (I live in San Francisco, own a $2,000 road bike, and often shop at Molly Stones which makes Whole Foods look downright affordable). My goals are less about retirement for leisure, and much more about Ramen Retirement to give you the space, time and freedom to discover and share your gift with the world. This is all about helping you shift from defense to offense in life.

Much like some of the best financial commentatorsI speak from direct experience, and try to present an opinionated point of view. I recognize there can be nuance to many of the subjects I address, but I believe it’s more helpful to present a crisp point of view that has been shown to work, rather than a watered down view on what might work for an imaginary someone, somewhere. YMMV, so take all advice in the context of your own goals and life stage… and read this disclaimer.

More than anything I hope to learn through engaging with folks like you. Putting yourself out there is the best way to meet new people, challenge assumptions and learn something new… only when you start opening new doors and turning over rocks will you find the real opportunity in life. So join me as I ‘Go Deep’, and let’s figure things out together.


Cam Robert