90% of life is about showing up

‘Can wake up early and get shit done’

– Chubbyurma, Reddit

Perusing Reddit the other day, I came across this gem of a thread (I recommend r/ShowerThoughts when you need a laugh). While I agree, in part, with the OP’s point, I particularly enjoyed the responses. The point of the folks responding is that simply waking up early, arriving on time, with the right motivation, and a modicum of skill actually puts you ahead of the vast majority of people out there today. The best part is, they’re right!


As I noted in my ‘4 keys to success in business and life’, in most cases you just need to arrive on time, be polite, and deliver on your promises. Those promises don’t even need to be exceptional, but the simple act of delivering on them consistently is what will make you exceptional!

Anyhow, I realize this isn’t an earth-shattering revelation, but sometimes it’s the simple revelations we need to remind ourselves of more often. Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that matters most.


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