Syndicate Investment Checklist

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 7.53.31 AM.pngCheck it out at this link! Originally created for the post: ‘The Ultimate Checklist to Invest For Success with Syndicates’

What it is

A deal sheet I fill out every time I seriously consider, or make an investment in a real estate syndicate. It lists out a series of questions that should be answered before you pull the trigger. It can be used in conjunction with the Syndicate Screen Sheet to first filter down relevant deals, then go deep on the ones that look promising.

Why I created it

When considering syndicate deals, I needed a disciplined approach to prevent me from fooling myself. It’s easy to read the glossy investment presentations and get caught up in the hype, but if a deal underperforms, that glossy presentation won’t make you whole. Investing in a syndicate should require as much diligence as buying an investment property outright. You should know the market, the property, and the key drivers of value. What do you have to believe for the deal thesis to be true? What sort of downside protection do you have? Can you trust the deal sponsor and their expertise?

You should be able to answer all of those questions and more before you invest, and I make it a point of forcing myself to fill this out before putting money to work. It also has the added benefit of providing me insight into my thought process on the deal, so I can track whether my judgement was sound over time.

How you can use it

Request a copy from me at ramen [at] – Once I share a copy with you, you can use it and extend it as you please to help you with your own deal diligence.



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