What got you here might not get you there

When you’re growing up, it’s hard to know whether you’re doing the right things to be the success you hope to be in the future. The result is a bias toward doing as much as you possibly can to ensure that desired outcome (however narrow your vision of ‘what you might be’ is). If you’re like many insecure overachievers, you’ll end up giving 100%, total focus and dedication to your pursuits. It can be exhausting and stressful.

But, when you eventually achieve some measure of success, you might be tempted to believe that putting yourself in a state of overwork, stress or overwhelm was part of what got you there. The reality might be that it was coincidental to your success, or perhaps you succeeded despite that state of mind you created for yourself. Don’t cling to such a myth if it might hold you back from growing in the future into the person and lifestyle that would be truly worth living. Could you achieve similar outcomes without all the stress, worry and baggage? Would that make life more enjoyable for you, and those around you? What if that were true? What would you have to believe for that to be true?

Consider the possibility that what got you here might not get you where you want to go next.



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